Denis Loiseau: Seeing the Light in Every Child’s Eyes

Denis Loiseau
Denis Loiseau has been involved with CASA for 30 years, since 1987, just ten years after the first CASA program was founded in Seattle.

In the mid-1980s, Denis moved to Marin County with his wife, Susan, when he was working in the insurance industry. He wanted to get involved in his community, and sought out possible board positions through the Volunteer Center in Marin. Marin CASA was his first and only interview because of the strong impact that the CASA program and mission had on him. Denis’ wife had spent time in foster care as a teenager, and upon hearing about the CASA mission, Susan shared with Denis that she wished she’d had a CASA while she was in foster care. She also gave him permission from the start to share that information.

In the 30 years since Denis’ first appointment as a CASA program board member in Marin County, he has also served on the California CASA Board of Directors, including as Board Chair, and is an emeritus board member. Denis is now an advisor to California CASA and has been involved in our annual Lifting Hearts fundraiser for several years, generously donating a stay at his gorgeous vacation home in Mexico for auction – which has become a highlight of the event.

Though Denis’ professional career has been in insurance, most recently as a founding principal of ABD Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. in 2012, he has devoted his free time to his music and songwriting avocation. Music has always been part of his life. After playing folk and blues in coffeehouses in his hometown of Denver, Denis moved to California, performing with various bands in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980’s and ’90’s. As time went on, his muse turned to songwriting. Since then, Denis has licensed original songs to Nashville publishers, various music libraries, and composed for film and theater. In 2015, Denis wrote the song “Every Child’s Eyes” with Irish co-writer Maurice Byrne and co-produced the music video for the California CASA Association as a unique volunteer recruitment and fundraising tool to be made available to local CASA programs.The song tells the story of a young boy in foster care, and how his CASA volunteer helped him find a forever family. The production of the video was generously supported by the Walter S. Johnson Foundation and many others.

The California CASA Board and Staff deeply appreciate Denis and Susan Loiseau’s contributions over the years and ongoing commitment to growing and sustaining the CASA program, and for their belief that all children are our children, in need of caring attention and support.

“It’s up to you and me to be the ones who care… To keep a light in every child’s eyes.” – Lyrics from “Every Child’s Eyes”