Kim Moore, California CASA Board of Directors

Kim Moore knows foster care well, having been in dependency in Southern California for years before being adopted at age 16. She attended UC Irvine, and continued her studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ms. Moore became acquainted with California CASA while researching mentoring models to help at-risk children. “CASA is a great organizational model that many researchers think very highly of in regards to what can impact a child’s life. It’s the human connection aspect and consistency of maintaining the relationship that can directly affect a child’s way of thinking and development,” she said, adding, “I feel that my experience can help California CASA achieve its mission. I have been in the shoes of the children we serve and, to this day, wish I had a role model when I was in foster care.”

Kim Moore currently works in venture capital, doing business development that supports Innovation Endeavors’ portfolio companies. She is the founder of REACH, a mentoring program for teens and young adults in foster care, and is on the Board of Together We Rise. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Scott.

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