Georgette Osserman

An Artist’s Creative Contribution to CASA. When artist Georgette Osserman first met former California CASA Association CEO Cory Pohley in Sausalito, it was in Osserman’s art studio in the famous Industrial Center Building (ICB), a creative and commercial home for artists of all kinds including sculptors, fabric artists, photographers, and painters, like Georgette. “Cory would visit me at my studio, and tell me about this unbelievable program, the CASA program, and how it can change someone’s life forever,” shared Georgette, “Cory told me about a fundraiser California CASA was planning and asked whether I would donate an artwork for the auction.” Georgette’s answer was an enthusiastic yes, and she and Cory immediately made the rounds at ICB to solicit artworks for the auction from other artists. “We had more than 20 works within an hour,” Georgette said, “and I and other ICB artists have been donating works to support California CASA ever since.”

Coming to art later in life, Georgette’s work has become sought after by collectors. One of these, Steven Ames Brown, happened to be the attorney of the legendary singer and social activist Nina Simone, who saw one of Georgette’s paintings in Brown’s office and asked that it be used for a CD she was producing. “I had the opportunity to meet Nina Simone backstage at one of her concerts,” said Georgette, “Nina said my name when I entered the room, and I got chills from the strength and resonance of her voice. l was, and still am, the only artist whose work has been used on Nina’s recordings. This is a huge honor.”

Georgette and her husband Michael Heiner attended the Lifting Hearts fundraiser in March, and she plans to help stage a larger art auction to benefit California CASA in 2018. “I believe we all want to be able to tell our unique stories. Artists get this privilege every day they create. For these children who have lost contact with their families, a CASA is the one person willing, even eager, to listen. What an amazing gift.”

Thank you, Georgette, for your ongoing commitment to California CASA and for your commitment to helping to improve foster children’s lives. To see more of Georgette Osserman’s artworks and sign up to be notified when she and her fellow ICB artists have their next open studio event, click here.

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