Eric Lukoff, CASA Volunteer – San Francisco CASA

San Francisco CASA volunteer Eric Lukoff didn’t apply for the SF Super Bowl Playmakers Award, and didn’t even know that anyone had nominated him. But that didn’t stop him from winning spot number 27. With the award, comes a $10,000 prize, which San Francisco CASA will use to build/create a program to recruit male volunteers.

Eric knows what he likes most about his volunteer efforts. “I know that the work I’m doing makes a direct impact on the life of an individual,” said Eric, who’s a CASA to a 14-year old boy. “If you don’t show up, things don’t get done. That’s the big driver for me.”

Though Eric’s only served as a CASA for a year and a half, he’s clear about where to focus his attention and it’s not on himself as a volunteer. “It’s about making sure that the kid gets what he needs,” explained Eric. “It’s about being that single person who can respond to things in this one person’s life.”

Before he volunteered as a CASA, he assumed that there was a system in place to address foster children’s needs. “I was surprised at how critical this role is,” admitted Eric. “I think I was fairly shocked by how easily a kid can fall through the tracks,– school-wise, security-wise.”

As part of winning the award, Eric was asked to participate in a videotaped interview, which he reluctantly agreed to do. “I think there’s a lot of CASAs doing great work. I’m not sure that I feel particularly deserving,” explained Eric. “I wasn’t eager to do an interview. Other people convinced me. They said if people don’t know about this, people won’t volunteer, people won’t donate. That made it worthwhile to do.”

See Eric’s video here:

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