Christine Slette, CASA Del Norte

When Christine Slette became the program coordinator at CASA Del Norte in 2008, she signed up for the CASA volunteer advocate training. “In order to be the best, I needed to take the training,” said Christine, who now serves as CASA Del Norte’s executive director in this rural community with one of the highest poverty rates in the state.

Her training and experience as a CASA continues to serve her.

As the executive director since 2013, Christine sees CASAs struggling with an overburdened system. But she finds satisfaction in helping volunteers locate critical resources for the children they serve. This is tough; services can be scarce. Christine also draws on the knowledge she gained while owning a bookkeeping business to help her develop budgets and understand finances.

As a hands-on person, she prefers to roll up her shirtsleeves to help fix problems, which she did when CASA Del Norte needed to raise thousands of dollars to replace lost funding from the state. “You can imagine the surprise when I told the board they needed to raise $60,000,” said Christine. CASA Del Norte is now back on track having exceeded that goal. This included holding 13 fundraisers and securing grants from van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation and the California Endowment to better represent Native American children under court jurisdiction and from Walmart who is providing funds to support the program’s new Family Search and Engagement Initiative. This initiative allows children under court jurisdiction to live with grandparents or other relatives instead of being placed in the foster care system. CASAs can help locate these important connections.

When Christine’s not managing the program or raising funds, she’s exploring the great outdoors, either hunting, camping, fishing, running or hiking, or gardening, canning, sewing, knitting & crocheting. She never stops!

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