Amy Price, Zellerbach Family Foundation

Amy Price knows exactly why her employer, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, funds California CASA. “This state agency provides great value,,” said Amy, a program executive. “It’s an efficient way to provide training and resources to the local programs.”

For close to four years, Amy has focused her energy, and Zellerbach’s resources, in the program area called, Improving Human Service Systems, which makes grants to improve the management, practice and accountability of public systems serving vulnerable children and families. Prior to working at Zellerbach, she worked at UC Berkeley’s National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center, which addresses issues of perinatal substance abuse and HIV.

Amy values California CASA’s clear goals and intentions and its thoughtful and strategic collaborative work with other agencies. “CASA is a critical part of the child welfare system,” stated Amy, who added, “The staff is fabulous.” According to Amy, California CASA’s “After 18 Training Curriculum,” which focuses on ways for CASAs to serve young adults in Extended Foster Care, registers with her as outstanding. “We were interested in having tools informed by youth involved in the system,” explained Amy. “California CASA, with our support, provided that partnership opportunity with the Y.O.U.T.H. Training Project. Kudos for creating that space and making that partnership work.”

California CASA has received funding from the Zellerbach Family Foundation since 2011.

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