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June 28, 2017

CASA named nonprofit of the year in 12th Senate District

May 24, 2017

SB233 clarifies a foster parent’s role in a child’s education
By Lily Eagle Dorman Colby

May 23, 2017

Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor-Good, known as StoweGood are songwriters and speakers based in Nashville, and they were recently commissioned by a CASA volunteer in Orange, Texas to write a song for CASA. The volunteer is passionate about the CASA mission, and requested they write an impassioned song that would encourage its listeners to become CASA volunteers. Listen below!

  1. I Will Be Your Voice-Mix 2

May 10, 2017

California CASA announces the selection of Sharon Lawrence as our new CEO!

February 7, 2017

One Caring Adult
By Judge Leonard Edwards

It has been said that all a child needs is one caring adult in order to become a success in life. When a child is removed from home because of parental abuse or neglect or the child’s delinquent behavior, often the best path to a successful life involves one caring adult who acts as a mentor and a guide. If this is true, it contains an important message for juvenile court judges.

Judge Edwards is also the 2017 California CASA Champion honoree at the Lifting Hearts event on March 4th.

January 30, 2017

California CASA Association’s Statement Regarding Marin CASA Program

On January 9, 2017, the Supervising Judge for the Marin Unified Family Court and the Local Presiding Juvenile Court Judge made the joint decision to withdraw designation for the CASA program from the Marin Advocates for Children (MAC). The bench undertook a comprehensive inquiry into the issues and concluded “that MAC in its current posture is not the organization this court wishes to designate to recruit, select, train, supervise and support lay volunteers pursuant to CRC 5.655.”

California CASA Association worked hard in advance of this situation to try to help the various parties find common ground and identify a path forward. Unfortunately, through a series of board and volunteer resignations, funders sharing their concerns for long-term stability, and the escalation of internal conflicts to the general public, it became clear that both the bench and the broader community had lost confidence in MAC.

Since that time, California CASA has been working in partnership with community leaders, the bench, Marin Advocates for Children, funders, National CASA, and Marin Children and Family Services (CFS) to ensure that the CASA mission continues in Marin and that we minimize any disruption in service to children.

California CASA does not take any position on any allegations made, nor do we have any comment on the internal management issues of the organization. We have only one goal: to work in partnership with the Marin bench and community leaders to ensure CASA can continue to serve the court and the abused and neglected children who so critically need our support.

We are thankful for the commitment and ongoing dedication of our volunteers, funders and supporters to the mission of CASA.

John L. Lipp, CEO
California CASA Association
Oakland, CA
Office: 510-663-8440

January 11, 2017

After 20 Years, Young Man Leaves Foster Care On His Own Terms
By Noel Anaya

Walking into court for my very last time as a foster youth, I felt like I was getting a divorce from a system that I’ve been in a relationship with almost my entire life…

June 21, 2016

Family Reunification Day celebrates hope and hard work
By Louie Vega

Approximately 1,857 children are in Kern County’s foster care system living in out-of- home care, according to the Department of Human Services. As the supervising judge of the Kern County Superior Court’s Juvenile Division, along with judges Raymonda Marquez and William Palmer, I can tell you that these children come into our courtrooms due to no fault of their own. They come because they have suffered neglect or abuse at the hands of their parents. They range from newborn to over 17 years of age.

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