National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month

Our goal is to involve CASA volunteers in celebrating National Foster Care Month, and recognize the positive impact they have on foster youth in their communities. This statewide, unified effort will raise awareness of the 44 CASA programs across the state, as well as encourage more Californians to become volunteer advocates. Utilizing social media during the month of May, this campaign will consist of photos of CASAs holding up a sign that reads “I Volunteer Because...” with the CASA volunteer’s own message.

The images will then be posted to social media by the CASA programs or by volunteers, using the hashtags:

Instructions for CASA Volunteers
Here are some simple instructions on how you can participate.

  • Print out the “I Volunteer Because...” sign (link on left)
  • Please clearly and legibly complete the sentence. Ask yourself: Why do I volunteer for CASA?
  • Get ready for your photo!
    - Find someone to take your photo, or get your selfie option ready on your camera.
    - Take the photo in bright, natural light if possible.
    - A portrait (vertical) or square photo is the best format to use.
    - Take the photo, making sure the sign is clearly visible, with the CASA logo.
  • Email the photo to your local CASA office. They will use it for the Foster Care Month promo.
  • If you post it to your own social media be sure to tag your CASA office.

Here is some sample text to use, and you can always make it your own:

Facebook: I am a CASA volunteer for one of over 60,000 children in foster care in California. This #NationalFosterCareMonth, I am proud of the work I do to improve the lives of foster youth in my community. Ask me more about becoming a CASA, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

Twitter: Happy #NationalFosterCareMonth! I volunteer for CASA in my community to help a child in need. Won’t you join us this year? Ask me how you can make a difference? #BeACASA #CASAsChangeLives

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